‘How sick’: Urfi Javed furious at the reception of Bilkis Bano rape convicts

Famous TV actress Urfi Javed often remains in the news for her statements and fashion sense. Along with this, Urfi also puts her stand on the issues going on in the country. This time Urfi Javed got furious over the popular Bilkis Bano case of Gujarat and expressed her anger by sharing a post on social media.

In fact, recently 11 criminals of the Bilkis Bano gang rape case have been released from jail, whose photos are doing the rounds on social media. In these photos, the criminals are being welcomed on their release from jail with sweets and garlands, due to which people have become furious.

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Urfi shared a picture on her Instagram story, in which it is written that candle march was taken out for Nirbhaya and victory march for Bilkis Bano. In the picture, the family members of criminals are seen welcoming them in the case of Bilkis Bano. Urfi wrote with the story, ‘How sick, welcome to India, where you are welcomed with flowers after raping an entire family.’

Urfi Javed’s Instagram Story

Along with this, Urfi has shared another story, in which Godhra’s BJP MLA Raulji is telling about the criminals that they are Brahmins and have good values. On this, Urfi wrote, ‘So apparently now being a good Brahmin is your ticket to rape women and get out of it. Happy 75th Independence Day!’

Urfi Javed’s Instagram Story

Let us tell you that during the Gujarat riots in 2002, 11 persons had carried out the incident of gang-rape with Bilkis Bano. In 2008, the court sentenced 11 persons to life imprisonment after finding them guilty. But after serving the sentence of 14 years, the Gujarat government has released all the criminals on August 15.

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