“How many shows ABP News has done on petrol price?”: Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinate shows mirror to ABP Journalist

Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh are just a few months away and because of this political board has started laying. All the parties have started preparing their election strategy. At the same time, media channels have also started creating atmosphere regarding the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections.

In this connection, a Shikhar Sammelan program was organized by ABP News. In which leaders of all parties participated and expressed their opinion on the issue of the people, about the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections and about the preparations of their party. Congress leader Supriya Shrinate also participated on behalf of Congress in the summit of ABP News.

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Anchor Shobhana Yadav was questioning Supriya Shrinate on behalf of ABP News. Shobhana Yadav “asked why the opposition is not visible to us on the streets? If law and order is so bad then where is Akhilesh Yadav of Samajwadi Party and Priyanka Gandhi of Congress? Why is the opposition not visible on the streets?” To this question, Supriya Shrinate gave a tremendous reply to Shobhana Yadav.

Supriya Shrinate replied “you have asked a very good question, you start showing Akhilesh Yadav Ji and Priyanka Gandhi Ji, start showing all the opposition people sitting here”. After this the anchor said “you first start a movement, if the media do show you then complain about media.”

After this Supriya Shrinet stopped speaking of Shobhana Yadav. Supriya Shrinet said that one mistake is of you people. Petrol is ₹ 110, how many shows have been done by ABP News, you give me information about it. Supriya Shrinet said that you have forgotten that you are the fourth watchdog of democracy.

Apart from this, Congress leader Supriya Shrinate shuts down anchor Shobhana Yadav. Questioning media’s role in a democracy Supriya said “Petrol is at ₹ 110, how many shows have been done by ABP News on it, please give me information about it. You have forgotten that you (media) are the fourth watchdog of democracy.”

Further Shobhana Yadav asked Supriya Shrinet that if you are saying that women are insecure under Modi and Yogi govt, then why such a large number of women are voting for Prime Minister Modi and Yogi. Why are women his fans? In response, Supriya Shrinate said that there is a media network and your competitor, I will not name it on your show. They had shown the popularity of the PM, in which it was told that a year ago 66% of the people wanted that the next PM of the country should be Prime Minister Modi, went down to 21%.

Further, Congress’s star spokesperson Supriya Shrinet said that, if in 2021 the popularity of the Prime Minister has come down to 21%, according to that survey. That too when only Modi ji is seen on TV for 24 hours, campaigning goes on for 24 hours. Had it not been for all this, the rating of PM would have been in minus. Let the election come, everything will be black and white.

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