“How did you studied in IIT?”: Chetan Bhagat trolled for comparing Rishi Sunak to East India Company

After Liz Truss resigned, everyone was curious about who will occupy the post of British Prime Minister. Since Rishi Sunak of Indian origin was in the race for the post of Prime Minister, all Indians were paying attention to this election. Meanwhile, Britain’s ruling Conservative Party has elected Rishi Sunak as the leader of the party and he has become the new Prime Minister of Britain. He will soon take over from Liz Truss.

Meanwhile, as soon as Sunak was elected as the Prime Minister, the eminent personalities of India have given different reactions. Famous writer Chetan Bhagat has expressed the feeling that the British who ruled India for many years through East India Company, now a person of the same Indian origin will take charge of British Prime Minister post.

“1608: East India Company arrives in India at a port near Surat …414 years later…on Diwali day. 2022: Rishi Sunak becomes PM of UK. Time changes everything. Happy Diwali all!”, Chetan tweeted.

However, Chetan Bhagat’s tweet didn’t land well for netizens. People on Twitter started questioning his intellect. At same time some took dig at his IIT degree.

Chetan Bhagat trolled

Meanwhile, the ‘1992 Committee’ of the ruling Huzur Party has declared Sunak as the leader of the party. Earlier, Sunak’s victory was considered almost certain due to the withdrawal of former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

After Johnson’s withdrawal, Penny Mordant was seen as Sunak’s rival. But Sunak was finally sealed as the Prime Minister of Britain due to the support of Sunak by the ruling Huzur Party MPs. Sunak is the third Prime Minister of Britain in the last seven months. He will take over as Prime Minister from interim Prime Minister Liz Truss.

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