‘How dare you discriminate between people?’ Gujarat HC reprimands AMC against ban on non-veg food

Gujarat HC reprimands AMC: The Gujarat High Court has strongly reprimanded Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) against the ban on meat shops in Gujarat. Hearing the petition filed regarding this matter, Justice Biren Vaishnav raps the public prosecutor that you do not like to eat non-vegetarian food, it is your personal matter. But how can you decide for others what they should and should not eat outside?

During the proceedings, the Court asked the respondent’s counsel if the State will decide what one eats outside their house.

“What seems to be the problem? You don’t like non-veg food, that’s your lookout! How can you decide what I should eat outside? It’s always the convenience of the Respondents! How can you stop people from eating what they want?Just because the party in power says that it wants people to stop eating eggs, you will pick the food stall owners and throw them away? asked Justice Biren Vaishnav.

“Ask your Corporation Commissioner to be present before the Court. How dare you discriminate between people?” he added.

Let us inform that in the petition filed against the ban on non-vegetarian shops, it has been said that the petitioners are from the lowest economic strata. They make their living by selling these things. In fact, Rajkot Mayor Pradeep Dav said that the religious sentiments of the people living nearby and passing by are hurt due to carts containing non-vegetarian food.

Earlier, in Vadodara, Gujarat, instructions were given to the officials about those selling non-vegetarian food in the open that non-vegetarian food should not be sold at the stalls in the open. It was said that those who are doing this should keep non-vegetarian food completely covered. This rule will be applicable to those who sell eggs and things made from it in the open.

Not only in Vadodara, but its effect was also seen in Surat, Bhavnagar, Junagadh, Rajkot and Ahmedabad. Where such shops were removed in large numbers. Now the Gujarat High Court has reprimanded and said that after all, how can you decide who to eat what?

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