Home Minister Amit Shah was seen laughing at Press Conference for 24 soldiers martyrdom; Congress slams

The whole country is saddened by the news of the martyrdom of 24 soldiers from Bijapur in Chhattisgarh, but Amit Shah, the Home Minister of our country, is having a laugh.

A video of Home Minister Amit Shah has gone viral in which after the martyrdom of the soldiers, Chhattisgarh CM Bhupesh Baghel is addressing the press and the Home Minister Amit Shah standing next to him is making a laugh. What can it be called if not anesthesia?

After the martyrdom of the soldiers, during this press talk, some journalists of Bastar area say something to Amit Shah and Amit Shah laughs loudly.

Congress leader Radhika Kheda released this video on Twitter and wrote that the left side is the home minister of the country. After the martyrdom of these soldiers, he is laughing at the press conference.

Radhika writes that the soldiers have been martyred and the Home Minister feels that this is happening.

Congress leader Srinivas wrote – In response to the question asked on the martyrdom of the soldiers, what nationalism is this smiling face without a mask?

Amit Shah

After this video comes out, it becomes clear how much sympathy the leaders of our country have towards the soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for the unity and integrity of the country.

These are the same people who trade votes on the dead bodies of the martyrs. He is the Home Minister of the same government whose head appeals to the youth for the first vote in the name of the martyrs of Pulwama.

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At the same time, there is also a lot of resentment among the people of the country that the government, which is responsible for the security of the entire country, is leaving everything and constantly engaged in election campaigning.

Within this country, a government is sitting in power, which has only one religion, elections. Do nothing, just contest and win in some way.

From the Prime Minister of the country to Home Minister, to the Chief Minister of the state, all are busy in campaigning in different states.

Due to this negligence, 24 soldiers died in the Naxalite attack. Instead of apologizing to the country, the Home Minister is making a loud smile.

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