Hindu-Sikh refugees going back to Pakistan due to financial constraints, not getting citizenship despite CAA

The Modi government has misled the entire country regarding CAA-NRC. Due to which minority Hindus from Pakistan have got embarrassed. Now these Pakistani Hindus have fallen between two stools!

In fact, a batch of Pakistani Hindu-Sikh refugees living in India will return to their country of Pakistan on Thursday. The CAA law is going to be implemented for a year but these refugees are yet to get Indian citizenship.

Due to financial constraints, he has had to give up the dream of Indian citizenship. On the other hand, there is also a truth that the BJP and Modi government have taken political advantage of these laws for themselves.

The Government of India has not implemented it even after the law has been passed from Parliament.

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The total number of all these Pakistani Hindus and Sikhs is 243. All Pakistani citizens have now been allowed to travel to Pakistan from the Wagah border.

The refugees came to India to gain citizenship following the CAA and NRC legislation passed by the Modi government on 12 December 2019, but are now returning to their homeland.

37-year-old from Pakistan, Sridhar hails from Umarkot district in Sindh province. Sridhar was living in India and was on a long-term visa. He had high hopes from the Citizenship Amendment Act, but his hand only took a long wait.

Sridhar said that for the last four years, I have been traveling to FRRO Jodhpur and New Delhi to the Ministry of Home Affairs for the visas of my wife and husband. I have now accepted everything and want to go back to my homeland.

The situation of the citizens who have come to India from Pakistan is very pathetic. Due to financial constraints, these people are forced to stumble from door to door. While these people came to India in search of better livelihood.

It may be noted that Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi and Christian migrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan to India will be given Indian citizenship by 31 December 2014 under CAA law.

Those who have faced religious persecution in their country, but now these people are returning to their country after being oppressed by the Indian system.

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