Hindu saint who urges Hindus to unite against Muslims, didn’t allow a lower caste devotee to touch his feet

A video of Sant Dhirendra Maharaj, a priest and famous storyteller of Bageshwar Dham in Madhya Pradesh, is going viral on social media, in which he is seen calling a devotee an “untouchable” and refusing him to touch his feet. This video of him went viral on social media and after that he is being criticized. Many people also raised questions about his being a saint.

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In fact, Dhirendra Maharaj also claims to solve the problems of the people in his Dham and a large number of devotees come and consult him. In this sequence, a person whose name is Jeevan came to Bageshwar Dham to consult Dhirendra Maharaj. As soon as his name is called he immediately comes on stage and tries to touch the feet of Maharaj Dhirendra as soon as he comes.

In the viral video shared by journalist Devesh Mishra, the devotee tries to fall at the feet of Dhirendra Maharaj but Maharaj didn’t allow him to touch his feet saying, “Don’t touch me, untouchable man.” At the same time, a colleague of Dhirendra Maharaj also comes to stop the devotee and takes him a little away from the Maharaj.

Hindu saint didn’t allow a lower caste devotee to touch his feet

This is not the first time, Sant Dhirendra Maharaj has given a controversial statement. Several clips of him provoking his devotees to adopt the path of violence against Muslims doing rounds on social media. Recently after the violence on Ram Navami and Hanuman Jayanti, a clip of Dhirendra Maharaj’s frenzied discourse went viral where he had said, “If you (Hindus) don’t wake up now, they (Muslims) will drive you out of your village too. Therefore it is requested every Hindus to get united and get bulldozers to run at the house of stone pelters.”

Hindu saint provoking Hindus to take up arms against Muslims

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