‘Hindu Rashtra’ draft proposes no voting rights to Muslims and Christians; Varanasi as capital instead of Delhi

The hate speech issue at the Dharma Sansad held in Haridwar and Delhi in Uttarakhand is not over yet, in the meantime the draft of the Constitution of the Hindu Rashtra has been prepared by the religious Parliament. A group of 30 eminent saints and scholars in Varanasi has prepared the first draft of the Constitution of the Hindu Rashtra. Many rules have been included in the draft of the Constitution of the Hindu Rashtra, including not giving voting rights to Muslim-Christians living in India. It was first proposed at the Parliament of Religions held in Prayagraj in February.

A 32-page draft of the Constitution of the Hindu Rashtra will be presented in the Dharma Sansad to be held in the Magh Mela-2023 on the sandy banks of the Sangam city of Prayagraj. The first draft talks about education, defence, law and order, voting system, rights of the head of state, etc.

As per the constitution, Varanasi will replace New Delhi as the capital of the country. Apart from this, there is also a proposal to make ‘Dharma Sansad’ in Kashi (Varanasi). There is also a proposal that Muslims and Christians will not be given the right to vote. In addition, every citizen would be given compulsory military training and agriculture would be made completely tax free.

In fact in February 2022, a resolution was passed in the Parliament of Religions held in Prayagraj to make India a ‘Hindu Rashtra’ and the idea of ​​a constitution came up. Accordingly, the draft of the constitution has been prepared. Thirty eminent personalities from different fields have contributed to the drafting.

The patrons of the Constitution Drafting Committee are Swami Anand Swaroop, Shambhavi Peethadheeswarar and Shankaracharya is the chairman of the council. It includes Kameshwar Upadhyay, President, Supreme Court senior advocate BN Reddy, Defense expert Anand Vardhan, Sanatan Dharma scholar Chandramani Mishra, Dr. Vidya Sagar etc.

The cover page of the constitution has a map of the proposed ‘Akhand Bharat’. Through the map, an attempt has been made to show that the countries which have been separated from India will merge with it in future. The cover page also shows saffron flags waving over some temples.

Inside is the picture of Shambhavi Mata, while in addition to the page text, there are images of gods and goddesses and great personalities of India, including Maa Durga, Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Gautam Buddha, Guru Gobind Singh, Adi Shankaracharya, Chanakya, Veer Savarkar, Rani Laxmibai, Prithviraj Chauhan, Swami Vivekananda etc. included.

Swami Anand Swarup told TOI on Friday that the Constitution of Hindu Rashtra will be 750 pages and its draft will now be widely discussed. There will be discussions and debates with religious scholars, scholars and experts from various fields. On this basis, half of the constitution (about 300 pages) will be issued in 2023, the Magh Mela to be held in Prayagraj, for which Dharma Sansad will be held.

Talking about some of the features of the Constitution, Anand Swarup said that it would be an executive system in which Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains would all get the right to exercise their franchise. People of every caste living in the nation will have convenience and security.

The right to vote will be given after completing 16 years of age in the constitution, while the age of contesting elections has been fixed at 25 years. Altogether 543 members will be elected to the Parliament of Religions. This would end the rules of the British era and everything would be run on the basis of the varna system.

Anand Swarup said that Muslims and Christians will also get all the rights of common citizens except the right to vote. “They are welcome in the country for doing business, getting employment, education and all the facilities available to the common citizen, but they will not be given the right to vote,” Swarup said.

Haridwar Dharm Sansad

He told that the British judicial system will be abolished, it will be established on the basis of Treta and Dwapar Yuga, the system of punishment and justice will be established. At the same time, by re-introducing the Gurukul system, education in Ayurveda, Mathematics, Nakshatra, Bhugarbha, Astrology, etc. will be started.

In the past, there was a lot of controversy regarding the Dharma Sansad held in Haridwar. Many saints, including Yati Narasimhanand Giri and Wasim Rizvi, who attended that conference, gave very inflammatory speeches against Muslims. Giri and Rizvi were arrested by the police in this case.

At the same time, complaints of hate speeches were also made to the President and the Prime Minister. More than 100 other people, including three former army chiefs, had written to the President urging him to take cognizance of the matter. The signatories of the letter included former military officers, bureaucrats and many well-known personalities.

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