Hindu Rashtra Banner: VHP Darbhanga District Secretary Rajeev Kumar Madhukar Arrested for Disturbing Communal Harmony

On Friday, the police took action in the case of putting up a banner written Hindu Rashtra in Darbhanga on the occasion of Hindu New Year. Police arrested Vishwa Hindu Parishad co-district minister Rajeev Prakash Madhukar late in the evening. An FIR has been filed against four identified individuals, as well as 100 other unidentified individuals, in connection with the incident.

It is being told that Rajeev Prakash Madhukar was invited to the peace committee meeting. He was arrested while returning from the meeting. Muslim organizations had complained to SP-DM about the poster. As a result, appropriate measures were taken to address the situation.

As soon as the information about the arrest was received, members of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal immediately gathered at the Laheriasarai police station to express their outrage. BJP city MLA Sanjay Saraogi also reached the police station.

During the celebration of the Hindu New Year, a banner displaying the phrase “Hindu Rashtra” was displayed on a street in Moulaganj. Following this, Muslim organizations filed a written complaint to both the DM and SP regarding the matter.

BJP MLA Sanjay Saraogi had conversations with the Police Station President and the SSP, but the District President was not released. Saraogi said that the actions taken were motivated by a desire to appease one particular group.

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He said, “If the banner is causing offense, then why open slaughterhouses are operating in Urdu Mohalla without any similar outrage? If authorities are taking action against one issue in the same police station area, it’s unjust to ignore the other. Where is the fairness in that?”

Regarding the matter, Sadar DSP Amit Kumar confirmed that an FIR has been filed against four identified and over 100 unidentified individuals for displaying objectionable banners. One of the identified individuals has been apprehended. Kumar stated that the case was filed under the grounds of religious sentiment offense and that appropriate action has been taken.

The arrested suspect is currently undergoing interrogation. The police have taken action in the past for similar offenses related to religious sentiment, not just during times of heightened tensions. Given the current atmosphere, authorities are taking measures to maintain peace and law & order during upcoming festivals such as Ramzan and Durga Puja.