‘Hindu-Muslim love film will not be allowed to be shot’; RSS workers block film shooting

RSS workers attacked a film shooting team. The shooting of the movie ‘Neeyam Nadi’ which was held at Vayilyam Kunn temple in Palakkad Kadampazhipuram was stopped by the RSS members.

RSS workers those who blocked the shooting said they would not allow to shoot a film about Hindu-Muslim love.

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Shooting equipment was also destroyed. The shooting started here after the film crew spoke to the temple authorities.

RSS workers

Meanwhile, the Sangh Parivar members demanded that the story of the film be told and after hearing the story, they demanded that the shooting be stopped.

Crew members said they threatened not to allow the film to be shot anywhere and threw away the shooting equipment.

Police reached the area. The cast and crew of the film are trying to shift the filming to another location.

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