Hindu-dominated village in Ayodhya elects Muslim candidate as its pradhan

Ramnagari has set an example of Hindu-Muslim brotherhood in the panchayat elections. In Ayodhya, the common man has made a Muslim candidate village Pradhan by creating a healthy democracy. Hafiz Azimuddin has been elected as gram pradhan by the people in a Hindu majority village in Ayodhya. Hafiz achieved this victory by getting 200 votes. The people of Rajapur village say that they have high hopes from Hafiz that he will develop the village. It is being told that the family of Hafiz Azimuddin is the only Muslim family in the village.

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Hafiz is a farmer by profession
According to the information, there are 600 voters in Rajapur. Of these, only 27 are Muslim voters. All 27 people belong to the family of Hafiz. In such a situation, it is a matter of pride for Hafiz to win by 200 votes. He says that becoming head is like an Idi for him. Hafiz says that it is now his duty to fulfill the hopes of the people. It is being told that Hafiz Azimuddin is a farmer by profession. He has taken the degrees of Alim and Hafiz from the madrasa. Apart from this, he has also been a teacher in a madrasa for 10 years. Now he cultivates with the family in the village itself.

“I am grateful to the people of the village”
The support of Hindu voters in Rajapur has given Hafiz Azimuddin victory. Azimuddin has told the media that his eyes are filled seeing the faith of the village people in me. He is grateful to the people of Rampur for this belief. The villagers say that this time, votes have been cast not on religion, but on looking at the skills of the candidate. By choosing the Muslim head, the villagers have given the message that all religions should be respected equally.

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