“He’s shouting ‘Gutter Patra’ and you are silent”: Sambit Patra and Anjana Om Kashyap clashed in Live Debate

A video of BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra picking up a fight with Aaj Tak anchor Anjana Om Kashyap during a LIVE TV debate after being called ‘Gutter Patra’ by a panelist has gone viral on social media. This triggered Twitterati to launch another adverse trend on the microblogging site Twitter.

In fact, Sambit Patra was asking Anjana Om Kashyap to silence Congress spokesperson Charan Singh Sapra. Before she could do anything, Sambit Patra got annoyed and said, “Is this Aaj Tak or what? He’s shouting ‘Gutter Patra’ and you are silent. What kind of anchor are you?”

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Kashyap, who has had to often face criticism for her alleged biases in favour of the BJP, reacted angrily since Patra had questioned her ability as a TV anchor. She replied, “Sambit Patra, you have no right to ask me what kind of anchor I am. You don’t need to certify me…Whatever, you have to conclude, you conclude. How can you ask me what kind of anchor I am?”

Anjana further says, “Why are you arguing unnecessarily? What is the way of talking about this? You’ll teach me how I should talk. Sambit Patra Ji please correct your behavior.”

BJP spokesperson says in response, “These people will call me ‘Gutter Patra’ and I will keep listening. Of course, I will teach you. If you encourage such language on your show, I will hold a mirror to you.”

This video, which is going viral on social media, was tweeted by standup comedian Rajeev Nigam. Taking a dig at both, Rajiv Nigam wrote, “brother and sister are fighting among themselves.”

Congress spokesperson Charan Singh Sapra and farmer leader Chaudhary Pushpendra Singh are also sitting in this live TV debate along with Sambit Patra. In the TV debate, Patra wants the anchor sitting in the studio to harmonize with him and his masters, and when this does not happen, Patra gets furious.

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