“Heartbreaking”: Greta Thunberg Urges Global Assistance to India’s Covid-19 Crisis

Sweden’s climate activist Greta Thunberg has appealed for international help, expressing concern over the condition of India struggling with oxygen deficiency. In a tweet, Greta Thunberg wrote that the global community should help India immediately. Greta has also previously supported the ongoing farmers’ movement in India.

Greta Thunberg wrote, quoting a report by Sky News, a news publication, on the increasing cases of Covid-19 in India and a lack of oxygen.

“Heartbreaking to follow the recent developments in India. The global community must step up and immediately offer the assistance needed. #CovidIndia”

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Apart from this, Greta also retweeted the tweet of Reuters award winning photographer Danish Siddiqui, who posted the pictures taken on 23 April in Delhi. Danish had posted pictures outside Delhi’s crematorium ghat and hospital.

Covid records case in India
Everyday record cases of corona virus are coming out in India. On April 24, 3.46 lakh cases were reported in the country and 2624 deaths were recorded. This is the largest figure in a day that has come in the whole world.

There are continuous reports of lack of oxygen in the hospitals of Delhi and other parts of the country. On April 24, 20 patients died of oxygen deficiency at Jaipur Golden Hospital in Delhi. The hospital said on the morning of April 24 that it had only half an hour of oxygen left. Apart from this, there are reports of lack of oxygen from big hospitals of Delhi.

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