Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya got hit by a security guard when reached Safdarjung Hospital posing as common man

To take stock of whether people are getting better health facilities in government hospitals or not, the Union Health Minister went for a surprise inspection of hospitals by becoming a common man. Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya, who arrived to inspect the Safdarjung Hospital in New Delhi, was thrashed by a guard.

The Health Minister himself made this disclosure in a program organized at Safdarjung Hospital. A hospital official said that Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya told that one day he had come here as a common man to inspect. He was hurt to see the chaos of the Emergency at around 9-9:30 in the night. When he tried to go to the emergency, the guard there beat him (Mandaviya).

Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya

Not only this, the Union Health Minister exposed the arrangement of the hospital during his address. Said that a 75-year-old elderly woman was worried about a stretcher for her son. Nobody helped him. Later he (Health Minister Mandaviya) helped him and arranged a stretcher for the son of the elderly woman. He said that the condition of the government hospital is not good.

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Mansukh Mandaviya further told that after getting beaten by the guard at Safdarjung Hospital, he went to a dispensary in Delhi itself. He was very impressed to see the behavior of the doctors there towards the patients in the dispensary of CGSA. Later that night, the doctor working there honored him by calling them to his office. The Union Health Minister said that there is a dire need to change the working style in Safdarjung Hospital.

When the management of Safdarjung Hospital was asked whether any action was taken against that guard or not, they said that their priority is not action. It is more important to improve the hospital system. This has been focused and the system has also improved to a great extent.

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