“Have the courage show and write the complete truth”: Supriya Shrinate hits out at Amish Devgan during a heated argument

There was a heated debate on Twitter between anchor Amish Devgan, who works for News18 India, the country’s richest industrialist and Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani-owned Hindi news channel, and Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinate. In the midst of all this, youth Congress president BV Srinivas also targeted the anchor.

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Significantly, before the assembly elections to be held in Uttar Pradesh next year, there is a political turmoil in the state. Almost all the political parties are leaving no stone unturned to woo the voters through banners and posters. Meanwhile, on Sunday, the Congress had organized a Kisan Nyay rally in Prime Minister Modi’s parliamentary constituency Varanasi. Congress National General Secretary and Uttar Pradesh in-charge Priyanka Gandhi Vadra also addressed this rally. Before the address, chanting of Har Har Mahadev, Azaan and Gurbani (Sikh prayer) was done from the stage.

A debate show was organized on News18 India regarding this issue, which is being hosted by anchor Amish Devgan. In this debate, Sambitra Patra from BJP and Supriya Shrinate from Congress participated in this debate.

Amish Devgan shared a short video of the debate on his Twitter account. In which anchor asks Supriya Shrinate – “Is the video of azaan false, there was no azaan?” To this Shrinate replies, “No, not at all, not at all false. I say the same thing, what is more dangerous than a lie is a half-truth. If you have the guts to show the whole truth in your 56-inch chest, then show the whole truth.”

Sharing this video, Amish Devgan wrote in his tweet, “Question: Did Aazaan happen at Priyanka’s rally? Answer: Yes, there was azaan in the rally. Hitting back at Devgn’s tweet, Supriya Srinate wrote, “No Amish. Write the complete answer. Yes Azan was recited, yes Swastivachan Mantra was recited, yes Gurbani was recited. Have the courage to both show and write the complete truth, Amish Devgan. Like I said, a half-truth is worse than a lie.”

Replying to Shrinate’s tweet, Amish wrote, “Everything was played.” To this Shrinate retorted and wrote, “My comment is on your written question and answer – if you are writing then write completely.” Replying to Shrinate’s tweet, Devgn wrote, “The question was on Azaan.”

Meanwhile, Youth Congress National President BV Srinivas also targeted Amish Devgan. Sharing the tweet, he wrote to the anchor, “That’s the question, why was it only on Azaan?”

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