Haryana boy walked 20KM to save Pakistani girl trapped in Ukraine, girl’s father said – ‘Thank you Beta!’

Haryana boy walked 20KM to save Pakistani girl: Many painful stories of Indian students trapped between the war of two neighboring countries Ukraine and Russia came to the fore. Meanwhile, a story of two more neighboring countries of the world, India and Pakistan, remains a topic of discussion. Ankit, a resident of Azad Nagar in Hisar, Haryana, has set a new example of friendship. Ankit took Maria, a Pakistani student, to a safe place amidst heavy firing and bombardment. However, both the students are still looking forward to return to their respective homelands.

In a conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, Ankit from Haryana told that he is a student of Ukrainian language in Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. He says that on February 25, at 2.30 pm, there was an explosion at some distance from the institute, after which about 80 students were taken to the bunker. He told that he was the only Indian student in this group and Maria of Pakistan was also in this group. Ankit himself, who was in trouble, contacted the scared Maria’s family members and promised security.

Ankit told that when he started leaving due to the continuous blasts, Maria also asked about walking along. He told that both of them set out towards Bugjala railway station in Kyiv on 28 February. Both the students were traveling on foot and Ankit tells that he had not eaten for two days. During this, Maria’s condition was looking more serious, seeing this, Ankit picked up Maria’s luggage and reached the station 5 km away amidst the firing.

In a conversation with the newspaper, he described the situation at the station that there was a lot of crowd and they had missed 3 trains. After this, at 6 pm, both the students somehow boarded the train. Ankit told that after an hour there was an explosion on the side of the track and firing started. Not only this, he told that a bullet came out of the window and passed in front of his head.

Eventually both the students managed to reach Ternopil station by March 1. The Indian student told that here Maria spoke to the Pakistani embassy and with the help of officials, both were kept in the hostel of the medical university. He told that during this time he was provided with coffee, bread and soup.

Pakistani officer praised Ankit
According to the report, the Pakistan Embassy praised Ankit on this whole incident. The embassy wrote that an Indian boy saved our daughter and became our child. According to Bhaskar, the embassy said, “Thank you very much, Son!” He also said that this is not the time for the people of both the countries to pull each other’s legs, but to show love and support.

Ankit is battling fever
Ankit told that he is at the Romania border and trying to get entry into the camp. He informed that the temperature is minus there and he has a very high fever and body pain. He said that the Pakistani embassy sent him by bus from Ternopil to the Romania border, but the bus had dropped him 15-20 km earlier. From here he covered the way to the border on foot.

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