‘Hang me if I am responsible for atrocities against Kashmiri Pandits, Ask then IB Chief to know the truth’: Farooq Abdullah

Hang me if I am responsible for atrocities against Kashmiri Pandits: The issue of Kashmiri Pandits migration has been in the news since the release of The Kashmir Files film. Now the former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Farooq Abdullah has broken his silence regarding this. He said that every Kashmiri wants Kashmiri Pandits to return there. What happened in 1990 was a conspiracy. Kashmiri Pandits were driven away under the conspiracy. Those who were sitting in Delhi at that time are responsible for this. My heart is also crying for Kashmiri Pandits. Hang me if I am responsible for atrocities against Kashmiri Pandits.

Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah during a conversation with India Today said, “I was not ruling there during that time. As soon as Jagmohan came, I gave up. I said ‘try and handle the situation. You don’t trust me, trust them. On the very first day of his rule, 50 people lost their lives. He was in-charge there. Was he able to handle the situation? If people want to know the truth, then they should talk to the then IB Chief or the then Union Home Minister and presently Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan.”

Farooq Abdullah further said, “We cannot forget the then Governor Jagmohan Malhotra, who put the Pandits in buses and said we will bring you back in two months, because I have to use force on the rebels and it can affect you. It’s been 32 years, where are Kashmiri Pandits? I don’t think I am responsible for that incident.”

Farooq Abdullah said, “When you appoint an honest judge or committee, the whole truth will come out. You will come to know who is responsible for that incident. If Farooq Abdullah is responsible, hang me in any corner of the country. I am ready for trial, but don’t blame those who are not responsible for it.”

Talking to the news channel, Farooq Abdullah said about the film ‘The Kashmir Files’, “This film is not connecting hearts, it is breaking. We have to extinguish this fire or else it will burn the whole country like Shola. I want to tell PM that please do not do such things which will make the country look like it was in Germany during Hitler’s time. Peace is difficult without connecting the hearts of Kashmiris.”

The former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir further said, “How many years have passed since the abrogation of article 370? Did terrorism end? Did the bomb blasts stop? You have so much army here, why couldn’t they stop it? People are still being killed in Jammu and Kashmir. Even today 800 families of Kashmiri Pandits are living here, did anyone touch them? Banshilal of Pulwama has given a statement that I stayed here, I did not go, I am very happy here.” Farooq Abdullah also asked for restoration of statehood to Jammu and Kashmir.

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