Gujarat Model: To hide the slum from Boris Johnson, roads were covered with white sheets

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson is on a two-day visit to India. Johnson reached Gujarat on Thursday morning. This is the first visit of a British Prime Minister to Gujarat. Many pictures of his visit is going viral.

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But in the midst of this another video is viral. A video exposing PM Modi’s ‘Gujarat Model’ of development. In the video, it is seen that wide white sheets were put on the sides of the roads of Ahmedabad through which Johnson passed. Just like a white sheet is placed over a dead body. It is being alleged that these white sheets were put to hide slums from the sight of Boris Johnson.

After these images went viral, Gujarat’s development model has been mocked on social media. Filmmaker Vinod Kapri has shared the on his Twitter handle. Along with this, he has also questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Vinod Kapri has written, “For 12 years you were the Chief Minister of Gujarat, for 8 years you are the Prime Minister of the country. Still, what is it that you are ashamed to show to Boris Johnson?”

A user named Dax Patel has written, “Overwhelmed Vikas is covered with a white cloth wall in Ahmedabad, so that Boris Johnson could not copy.”

Let us tell you that in February 2020 too, a similar sight was seen when the then US President, Donald Trump visited Gujarat. Then a wall was built in front of the roadside slums in Ahmedabad. This was done so that these slums are not visible to Trump. Something similar was also done when Chinese President Jinping reached Ahmedabad. At that time green cloths were put on the roadside to cover the huts.

Johnson’s visit to India comes at a time when the war between Russia and Ukraine is going on. Britain has openly criticized Russia for attacking Ukraine and imposed a number of sanctions on it.

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