Gujarat Cabinet Minister Arjunsinh Chauhan Accused of Raping Wife of Former BJP Sarpanch

Gujarat cabinet minister Arjunsinh Chauhan has been seriously accused of raping a woman. Arjunsinh is the Rural Development Minister of Gujarat and MLA from Mahamdism in Kheda district. He has been accused of rape by a former sarpanch of his party BJP. He has filed a complaint against the minister in the SSP office of Kheda. It has alleged that when Arjunsinh was the District President of BJP, at the same time, he raped his former sarpanch’s wife, misusing his post.

According to the report India Today, the former sarpanch has said in the complaint that his wife has left home due to fear of the minister. The person made another serious allegation that during the Covid lockdown, Arjunsinh Chauhan kept his wife locked at some place for one and a half months. The complaint said that he asked his wife to file a complain, but the wife thought it more appropriate to leave the house instead of complaining for fear of the minister.

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According to the report, on the matter, SSP of Kheda district has said that they are investigating the complaint found in this case. He has also questioned the person who applied. The SSP said that if concrete evidence is found, a complaint will be filed in this case.

‘Forced to sleep with other people’
According to a report on the news website ‘Quint Hindi’, in the complaint, the former sarpanch said that his wife came in contact with Arjunsinh in 2015. At that time she was the District Committee President of BJP. The complaint said,

“He (Arjunsinh Chauhan) nominated my wife as taluka panchayat candidate and she was elected. Between 2016 and 2021 she was called by Arjunsinh at different places in the name of the campaign and raped her. He was also forcing their wife to sleep with powerful people. “

According to the report, the former sarpanch has claimed that for two months his wife has been living in another village. The SP of Kheda also said that the police will investigate the accused of rape and hostage. Minister Arjunsinh Chauhan has not yet responded to the allegations against him.

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