Greed for nudes made me betray my country to ISI, says honeytrapped Satyanarayana Paliyal

There is a saying, greed is sin and sin is death. Satyanarayana Paliyal, a resident of Jaisalmer, is now realizing the meaning of this proverb. Who has been leaking secret information of the Indian Army to Pakistan for years in the lure of nude pictures and virtual sex. He was arrested by the Rajasthan CID last week on charges of information smuggling. On Sunday, in the face of continuous interrogation, he finally revealed all his stories.

Satyanarayana Paliyal was leaking information for years

Satyanarayana Paliyal used to talk to more than one woman from fake accounts on social media. He fell into the trap of Pakistan’s spy agency ISI in the wake of virtual sex. The Jaisalmer resident used to smuggle nude pictures, sexually provocative chats and secret information about Indian Army movements in Pokhran area. The accused has done this on behalf of the ISI for years, not just for a day and a half.

The CID finally arrested Satyanarayana Paliyal last week. He was charged with violating government secrecy laws. According to police sources, the police had been keeping an eye on him for a long time. Eventually he was arrested and brought to Jaipur. There he was being interrogated by intelligence officers and army officers. Satyanarayana broke down in the face of continuous interrogation. He admitted that he had smuggled the secret information of the army out of greed for virtual sex and nude pictures. He used to smuggle this information through multiple fake accounts on social media.

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In connection with the arrest, Rajasthan police said on Monday that the CID had arrested Satyanarayana Paliyal, a resident of Jaisalmer, on charges of information smuggling. In the face of interrogation, Paliyal has admitted to having long-term contact with ISI. This is not the first time that Pakistani intelligence agencies have recruited beautiful women with information from the Indian Army. They snatch information from Indians by trapping them in love or sex. This type of phenomenon is known as honeytrap

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