Govt’s Focus on Taking Credit Led to COVID Ravages: Nobel Laureate Economist Amartya Sen

Nobel laureate economist Amartya Sen thinks that the central government has completely ‘failed’ to deal with the corona situation in the country and that is why the corona infection in the country has taken such a terrible shape. According to him, the ‘skeptical’ government was busy trying to claim credit for itself without tackling the problem. That’s why covid cases were unstoppable.

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Speaking at a function of the Rashtra Seva Dal on Friday, Amartya said, “The government was more concerned with taking credit for what it has done than focusing on preventing the virus to spread. Which is equivalent to schizophrenia. “

Amartya Sen

The Nobel laureate economist added: “The Center began to take credit for saving the world. And at the same time, allowing the problem to develop and have a grip over the lives of Indians across the country”. Not only has the country’s health service failed, but the country’s economy has also weakened during this period. The government has to take the responsibility.

Mr. Sen, who is a professor of economics and philosophy at Harvard University, cited writing by Adam Smith in 1769 wherein the father of modern economics argues that if one does good things, he does get credit for it. And the credit could be sometimes an indicator of how well one is doing.

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