“Gire Huye Patrakar” Congress spokesperson schooled anchor Amish Devgan, video goes viral

In a News18 India debate on agricultural laws, Congress spokesperson Supriya Srinate schooled news anchor Amish Devgan. In the live debate show “RR”, she differed with the anchor and called him a despicable and low standard journalist. In the debate, the anchor asked a question related to the protesting farmers about the tractor rally being organised on the occasion of Republic Day(January 26) by the farmers.

Amish Devgan asked the Congress leader weather she supports taking out such a rally on January 26. Supriya Shrinate replied yes and said that the country should challenge the fourth pillar. This fourth pillar is collapsing. Congress spokesperson said – January 26 is our Republic Day. The constitution of the country is supreme. Those who are trying to tear apart this country and it’s constitution, they should think and introspect.

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Supriya Srinate slammed Amish Devgan

The anchor interupted congress spokesperson and asked, “Do you want Capitol Hill in the country” (rioters in the US recently climbed Capitol Hill. In which many people died. Let us tell you that the entire complex of buildings of US House of Representatives and Senate is Here). The Congress spokesperson was angered. She replied – “I did not say that at all. You are despising…. You are despising I did not say that. You are a low standard journalist. Keep a away your cheap journalism. How difficult Hindi was this that you did not understand?”

The video is now becoming very viral all over the social media. People are reacting fiercely to this. Independent journalist Ranvijay Singh @ranvijaylive shared the video on his Twitter account where another user @Jain28Mohit asked- Where was it said to make Capitol hill in Delhi too. You are lying, sir, the words you have said are the extent of despair.

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