Giorgia Meloni, Italy’s leader in the race for PM, shares rape video of Ukrainian woman, Twitter takes action

Giorgia Meloni, an Italian leader in the race for the post of Prime Minister got slammed for sharing a rape video of a Ukrainian woman in social media. However, amid the controversy, Twitter has removed the video from its platform. Let us tell you that far-right leader Giorgia Meloni is standing at the forefront of the race to become the next Prime Minister of Italy. She shared this video on her Twitter account on Monday.

The video that Giorgia Meloni posted was blurry. In the video, a migrant man was seen raping a Ukrainian woman. Sharing the video, she wrote that she can’t keep quiet in the face of “this dastardly episode of sexual violence”. However, people asked her to avoid sharing such videos. Following the complaint, Twitter removed Meloni’s tweet. This video was earlier released on the website of a newspaper late on Sunday night.

Giorgia Meloni

Meloni’s political rivals and human rights activists strongly condemned her tweet. People accused Meloni of adding to her misery by posting the video without the victim’s consent. The post was removed on Tuesday morning. There was no immediate response from Meloni. Earlier on Monday, Meloni said on Twitter that she had released the video “to express solidarity with the victim, to condemn what happened and to demand justice for the victim”.

Local authorities say a 55-year-old Ukrainian woman in the northern city of Piasenja was attacked on a sidewalk by a migrant from Guinea (the West African country) early Sunday. The police has arrested the accused. Police said investigation is on and the person is being taken into custody.

Giorgia Meloni

The video of this incident was made by someone from inside a flat in front of that street. Videos posted online were later blurred, making it impossible to identify the victim, but her cries could be clearly heard on the audio. Italian authorities said they were investigating how the video was released. Piacenza prosecutor Grazia Pradella said: “A full investigation is underway to see if the video depicting the criminal incident reached the media.”

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