Gautam Gambhir foundation found guilty of illegally stocking Covid Medicines: Delhi Drug Controller told High Court

The Drug Controller’s body told the Delhi High Court that Gautam Gambhir Foundation has been found guilty of illegally hoarding and dispensing Fabiflu medicine to Covid patients. Advocate Nandita Rao, appearing for the drug controller, submitted that the foundation has committed an offense under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act as they were found to be stocking the drug in an unauthorized manner.

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The drug controller said, now without any delay, action will be taken against Gautam Gambhir Foundation and the drug dealers. The drug controller told the court that MLA Praveen Kumar has also been found guilty of similar offenses under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act. The court directed the drug controller to file a status report on the progress of these cases within six weeks and fixed July 29 for its next hearing.

Earlier on May 31, the Delhi High Court had reprimanded the drug regulator for not properly investigating the purchase of large quantities of Fabiflu, a drug used in the treatment of Covid, by BJP MP Gautam Gambhir. The court had said that the tendency of people to take advantage of the situation to be seen as a helper should be strongly condemned.

The High Court was hearing a PIL seeking registration of an FIR on allegations that politicians are able to procure and distribute a large number of COVID-19 medicines, even though patients are anxious to obtain them.

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