From Rs 33cr to Rs 333cr; BJP MP Subramanian Swamy raises suspicion on Modi govt after NSC budget increased 10 times

So far no clear answer has been given by the central government regarding the use of Pegasus spyware and spying through it. Meanwhile, the opposition has accused the Modi government of spying on its leaders and some journalists and social workers. Most of the opposition, including the Congress, have demanded a probe into the matter under the supervision of the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) or the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, along with the opposition, BJP MPs have also surrounded their own government. BJP MP Subramanian Swamy has raised a serious question that why the budget of the National Security Commission (NSC) suddenly increased 10 times in 2017-18?

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Subramanian Swamy said in a tweet on Friday, “Today in Parliament Library I asked for the Budget for the India’s National Security Council Secretariat. I asked allocation for three years : 2014-15: Rs.44 cr; 2016-17: Rs.33 cr; & 2017-18: Rs. 333 cr; Why this jump? Because a new Head was added: “Cyber Security R&D” ?????

“Modi government spokesperson should clarify where the additional Rs 300 crores of the Rs.333 crore allotted actually go?”, Swamy asked in another tweet.

Let us tell you that the central government has also been accused of buying Pegasus spyware in 2017-18 itself. In fact, a report claimed that in each country where the then Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu visited, there was a deal of Pegasus spyware. In the same context, it was also said in the report that when Netanyahu came to India in 2018 after PM Narendra Modi’s visit to Israel, only then he offered to buy Pegasus for Indian security agencies.

Supreme Court lawyer Prashant Bhushan also tweeted on this issue. Sharing a document, he wrote, “The budget of NSA in 2016-17 was Rs 33.17 crore. The next year it increased 10 times to Rs 333 crore as Rs 300 crore was added in the name of cyber security R&D. This was the year when NSO (Israeli company making Pegasus malware) was given several 100 crores to do cyber hacking of opposition, journalists, judges, EC and all activists through Pegasus. Wow!”

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