“From mango journalism to banana republic”: Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera schools Rubika Liyaquat in a Twitter fight

ABP News anchor Rubika Liaquat and Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera clashed on Twitter. In fact, the anger of the Godi media on Rahul Gandhi can be seen every day. The Godi media, which does not ask questions to the ruling party, often showers questions on the opposition.

Rahul Gandhi said on Saturday said “I don’t like mangoes of UP”. On this statement of Rahul Gandhi, Rubika Liyaquat hosted an entire show of Masterstroke as if there is no other issue left in this country.

On this, Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera taking a jibe at Rubika tweeted “From Mango journalism to banana republic…”. Seeing Pawan Khera’s tweet, Rubika got furious and responded “How amazing Pawan Sir- if Rahul Ji talks about mango, it is ‘special’ and if we show the same thing then it is ‘nonsense’…. A bulletin contains all kinds of news…some light-hearted …some serious one”.

But the fight did not stop here. Pawan Khera blew up Rubika in another tweet. He tweeted, “I was just saying how cleanly the issues of the common people are disappeared for some ‘special’ people”.

The way democracy is being injured under the Modi government, the media has sold its pride and faith. Now there is not even the slightest of shame left in them.

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Today country’s inflation, unemployment has reached its peak. Yet these media are not deterred from committing slavery to the government. But Rubika’s fury is clearly visible from a tweet by Pawan Khera.

After this Twitter users started trolling Rubika. One user wrote “Ever bother to tell the news about the prices of petrol, diesel and gas cylinders too!”

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