From Himanshi Khurana to Shargun Mehat, Punjabi artists slammed Kangana Ranaut, told the actress, ‘sycophant and shameless’

Bollywood queen Kangana Ranaut is in the news for her controversial statements more than movies. Recently, she had made some comments on social media against the farmers’ protest, which has now created a ruckus. Kangana wrote against the farmers on her Twitter handle that ‘Shame on … everyone is baking bread in the name of farmers. Hopefully, the government will not allow anti-national elements to take advantage of it and will not allow the blood-thirsty vulture pieces to become the second Shaheen Bagh for the gang. ‘

At the same time, this tweet of Kangana has now become a matter of discussion. Many celebrities have slammed Kangana on this. Recently, Bigg Boss fame Himashi Khurana has also given a befitting reply to Kangana’s tweet, tagging Kangana and saying, ‘Now there is no difference between you and Bollywood. Because if the wrong would have happened with you, you might have been able to connect more with the farmers. Whether it is wrong or right, but all this is nothing less than dictatorship. ‘

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Himanshi did not remain silent here. She shared a cartoon of Kangana and wrote that ‘If these elderly women have taken money to join the crowd, then how much money did you take to defend the government. In this picture, Kangana’s cartoon can be seen sitting on the donkey and a grown woman is pulling that ass.

Let us tell you that after Himanshi, many celebs attacked Kangana. Famous actress Sargun Mehta also wrote in her tweet that ‘Just as you have the right to say your words, they also have the right. The only difference is that you unnecessarily say anything and they are fighting for their rights.

Apart from these, famous pandabi singer Ammy Virk also slammed Kangana fiercely. On the other hand, Punjabi singer Sukhe shared a screen shot in which he has unfollowed Kangana from Instagram.

Emmy Virk and Sukhe also targeted Kangana Ranaut

Other Punjabi stars Emmy Virk and Sukhe have also targeted Kangana Ranaut. Emmy tweeted and wrote that, shame on you, you are talking about my elders. When a part of your house was broken into in Bombay, you stirred up. Here the government has taken away our rights.

Jassi, while replying to Kangana’s post, said that when the Mumbai Municipal Corporation had broken your balcony, the world would turn around on its head. The farmer’s mother is at stake and talks to explain. If you do not speak for the rights of the farmer, do not speak against Kangana. There is also a limit to flattery and shamelessness.

TV actor Prince Narula targeted Kangana
Now TV actor Prince Narula has also expressed his displeasure over Kangana’s tweet. He wrote that, wa ji wa kangana ranaut. Many people have supported you thinking that they are fighting alone and these 80 people were with you and today you are telling a character artist of 100 to our elders. When one of the walls of your house was broken, how much was hurt and everyone else supported you. Today when farmers and laborers are fighting for your rights, its not digesting to you. The world is very mean. # We stand with farmers # We are also farmers.

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