“Free Chopper, Trip to Moon, iPhone”: TN Candidate’s Poll Promises are ‘Out of This World’

In the days leading up to the Assembly elections in Tamil Nadu, an independent candidate Thulam Saravanan from South Madurai constituency came up with strange promises to the people.

‘A mini helicopter for all, a fixed deposit of Rs 1 crore for every family, an iPhone and an opportunity for everyone to go to the moon’, were Saravanan’s main election promises.

His manifesto and its outlandish promises have certainly grabbed attention in the constituency where there are 13 more candidates.

Saravanan is an independent candidate

Saravanan said his aim is to create awareness among the people not to fall prey to the hollow promises of political parties and thereby motivate ordinary candidates to choose.

In addition, Saravanan said that to reduce the workload of housewives in his constituency, robots would be installed in every house and boats would be provided to those living along the river.

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‘In hot weather he will set up an artificial iceberg for the people of his constituency. A space research center and a rocket launch pad will also be set up in the constituency, ‘Saravanan said.

However, Saravanan said he has no money for the election campaign and is doing so with the help of friends and relatives.

Saravanan added that he is campaigning through the WhatsApp and that people are thinking about his promises. Saravanan said that although he has not won the election, it doesn’t matter.

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