Former Miss Grand Ukraine, Anastasia Lenna, joins the army to fight against Russian invasion

Russia’s attack on Ukraine has created an atmosphere of terror. On the one hand, many citizens are struggling to leave the country with their lives in hand. Many, on the other hand, are ready to join forces and fight against the enemy. Now a beauty queen and former Miss Grand Ukraine has apparently traded in her high heels for combat boots, joining the Ukrainian military in its push against the Russian invasion. Anastasia Lenna, the Ukrainian beauty queen and former Miss Grand Ukraine, has joined the Ukrainian army against Russia.

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Anastasia Lena, who represented Ukraine in the 2015 Miss Grand International beauty pageant, has decided to defend her homeland. She shared on her social media how she is trained to fight the Russian invasion and appealed to other women to fight for their families and their country.

Anastasia tells women to stay in Ukraine and fight the enemy. She has appealed to women. “Do not flee the country, but take up arms and take to the streets to fight Russian troops,” she urged.

Who is Anastasia Lena?

With a degree in Marketing and Management from the University of Kiev, in Slavistik, Anastasiia Lenna participated in the 3rd edition of the Miss Grand International 2015 beauty contest, a contest that the Dominican finally won Anea Garcia. Nevertheless, the Ukrainian beauty queen managed to enter the Top 20.

After that, she worked in public relations and, finally, developed a career as a television presenter, being in charge of the World TOP 10 program.

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