Former IAS officer slams star women news anchors for maintaining silence on women leaders of SP being assaulted by BJP workers

During the nomination for the block chief elections in Uttar Pradesh on Thursday, there was tremendous violence, beating and uproar in the entire state. In many places, there was firing between the candidates of the block and grenades were also used. At the same time, during the nomination in Pasgwan block premises of Lakhimpur Kheri, there has been a political uproar due to the assault on the Samajwadi Party-backed women candidate Ritu Singh and her proposer in front of the police on Thursday. Police has arrested the relative of BJP MP Rekha Verma for misbehaving with Ritu Singh.

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Let us tell you that politics is boiling in UP regarding the violence that took place during the nomination of the block chief election. Violence took place at many places in UP yesterday. A woman worker of the Samajwadi Party was also assaulted in Lakhimpur Kheri. BJP supporters pulled her sari in front of everyone. After this incident, BJP is getting tarnished in the entire state. Now the police has also started action regarding the violence. In the case of misbehavior with the woman, the police have arrested an accused named Yash Verma. According to reports, Yash Verma is a relative of BJP MP Rekha Verma.

The pro-BJP women journalists did not even tweet on this openly shameful act done by alleged BJP supporters with a woman. No woman journalist even asked a question to the BJP government on this shameful act with a woman. In this case, former IAS officer Surya Pratap Singh has targeted BJP and pro-BJP media.

Surya Pratap Singh wrote in one of his tweets on Friday, “Today news channels are full of ’empowered women’, but I have to say with sadness that a woman’s sari was pulled and the women of the media world did not even ask a question to Yogi Adityanath. After all, what will you get by losing even your self-esteem?”

Earlier, in another tweet, the former IAS officer had written, “Shame on you men, you pull a woman apart! Look at the pages of history, the woman was insulted, the whole earth was shaken, then there was a fierce battle. Yesterday’s incident will shake the foundation of the Yogi government.”

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