Former English cricketer Monty Panesar tweets in support of protesting farmers, also tagged PM Modi

Former England cricketer Monty Panesar has also come out in support of Indian farmers protesting against agrarian reform laws. On Saturday, he gave his views on this issue by tweeting several times. Tagging BJP and PM Modi in his tweet, he has said that the minimum support price (MSP) on the crop of farmers is made sure.

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Monty said in the tweet, “If the buyer says that the contract previously agreed with the farmer cannot be fulfilled because the quality of the crop is not what was agreed upon. So what protection does the farmer have? In such a situation There is no mention of fixing the price of the crop in the law.”

In the next tweet, he said, “Three agriculture-related bills that have become law after passage in Parliament. One of them is about essential commodities, which restrict food, pulses, oilseeds and onions to trade restrictions and price controls.” Out. It will only benefit the middlemen and traders. “

Monty Panesar further said, “Farmers want the government to either withdraw all the three laws or include the minimum support price for their crops in the law.”

Who is monty panesar

Monty Panesar is originally from India. His real name is Madhusudan Singh Panesar. He has been a veteran left-arm spinner bowler of England team. Monty has played 50 Tests, 26 ODIs and 1 T-20 for England. In which he has taken 193 wickets.

These players too supported

Former India basketball player Arjun Awardi Sajjan Singh Cheema, Olympian hockey player Gurmel Singh Rai and Rajbir Kaur Rai have also supported the farmers’ movement. He said that the farmers wanted to demonstrate their demands peacefully, but the government stopped them and did wrong. Demonstrating peacefully is a democratic right.

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