FM Nirmala Sitharaman says ‘Rupee hasn’t collapse, finding its own course’; Netizens reminded her 2014 statements

The opposition is continuously attacking the Narendra Modi government regarding the falling Indian rupee against the dollar. In response to the question asked on the same subject, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said in Parliament that there was no collapse of the rupee and it was actually finding its natural course.

In response to the question on the falling rupee, the Finance Minister said that both the Reserve Bank of India and the Central Government are monitoring the situation. The Finance Minister claimed that the Indian Rupee is performing better than the currency of other countries.

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Along with this, she said, “Indian Rupee’s fluctuations are more versus the US dollar and even there, its performance is much better than its own peers. We have withstood the impact of the US Fed’s decisions much better than any other peer currencies, and the Rupee is appreciating in value compared to other currencies. Let us understand the context and I assure you there is no collapse.”

Twitterati were prompt to rise up to the occasion, and many reacted strongly to the Finance Minister’s statement. The statement soon attracted the netizens and also the opposition has sharply reacted to it.

A user tweeted, “Nirmala Sitharaman is saying that the rupee is finding its own course. It’s like the captain of the ship is saying that the ship is taking its own course.” Another user tweeted, “As per legendary Nirmala Sitharaman, the rupee hasn’t collapsed but is finding its natural course. God bless India.”

In the Rajya Sabha, Congress MP Pramod Tiwari, referring to the old statements of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, asked when the value of rupee will increase? In response, Nirmala Sitharaman said that the reason for the Prime Minister’s remarks was that inflation in India was in double digits for 22 consecutive months and India had become a country with a fragile economy.

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