Firing at US North Maryland manufacturing facility kills 3

Firing at US North Maryland: Incidents of open firing have been coming to the fore at different places in US. Innocent people are being killed in firing. Now there has been open firing in the Maryland town of Smithsburg, USA. Three people have lost their lives in this incident. At the same time, three people including a soldier and the attacker were injured. The condition of one is said to be serious. Three people were killed in a shooting Thursday at a manufacturing plant in Smithsburg, according to Maryland Governor Larry Hogan.

Let us tell you that in the last few weeks there have been many high-profile shooting incidents in New York, Texas and Oklahoma. Many people have lost their lives in this and a large number of people have been injured.

According to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, the incident happened just after 2:30 p.m. A gunman opened fire at the Columbia Machine in Smithsburg, about 75 miles west of Baltimore. During a news conference Thursday evening, officials identified the three people killed as 50-year-old Mark Allen Frey, 31-year-old Charles Edward Minik Jr. and 30-year-old Joshua Robert Wallace.

One injured is in critical condition
The fourth victim, 40-year-old Brandon Chase Michael, was seriously injured in the shooting. He was taken to the nearest hospital for treatment. A gunman opened fire on a manufacturing plant in northern Maryland on Thursday, killing at least three people and injuring several, news agency ANI quoted the Maryland government as saying.

People are advised to stay away from the incident site
The Washington County Sheriff’s Office said in a post that around 2:30 p.m. deputies reported about the shooting. In the 12900 block of Bickley Road, however, information about the victims or suspects was not immediately available. We are currently actively monitoring the mass shooting in Smithsburg and our office is in contact with officers on the ground. If you are a local, please stay away from the area.

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