FIR lodged against pro BJP filmmaker Ashok Pandit for sharing fake video of Rahul Gandhi

Pro BJP filmmaker Ashok Pandit has been caught in the trap of posting a fake video on the alleged allegation of Rahul Gandhi refusing to perform aarti. The Congress has lodged a complaint against Pandit at Delhi’s Tughlaq Road Police Station and Cyber ​​Cell.

Congress has alleged that Ashok Pandit has a history of sharing such fake posts and videos. In the latest video, he has claimed that Rahul Gandhi refused to perform the aarti. Ashok Pandit has hurt the sentiments of Hindus in this way.

A complaint was lodged against Pandit on behalf of the Youth Congress last night in the said police station of Delhi. Congress has said that this is a completely fake video. As soon as it was discovered that it was a fake video, Pandit immediately deleted it. But the Congress party has demanded legal action against Pandit for this. Congress said that such people cannot be left lightly.

The said video was going viral on social media for the last few days. It was claimed that Rahul Gandhi had refused to perform the aarti. After the matter came to light, Ashok Pandit wrote in his tweet, “Janeudhari Rahul Gandhi is refusing to perform the aarti. The reasons are clear.”

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But when the fact checkers found this video to be fake, then the whole matter was busted. Investigators of the video found that the images used in the morphed video were from Rajasthan in 2017. At that time Rahul Gandhi had performed aarti in a temple.

Congress has said in the complaint that this video has been prepared by cropping and morphing. While Rahul Gandhi had performed the aarti, Pandit has claimed the opposite in the video. This is a well-planned conspiracy to incite religious sentiments of Hindus. Pandit has done such acts in the past and has more than three lakh followers on Twitter. The Congress alleged in the complaint that Ashok Pandit deliberately insulted Goddess Durga by using this distorted video.

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