Finland’s young PM Sanna Marin’s private party video goes viral, social media reacts

A video of Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin dancing at a party is going viral on social media. For which she is facing criticism. Some people have raised questions about Marin dancing like this. While Marin’s supporters have defended her, citing her right to party.

PM Sanna Marin’s private party video goes viral
The video was first published by Iltalehti Tabloid. In this video, the young Prime Minister of Finland is seen dancing and singing with her friends in a private apartment.

Seen in the video are Finnish singer Alma and her sister Anna, rapper Petri Nygaard, TV host Tiny Wikström, photographer and influencer Janita Auto, radio host Karolina Tuominen and MPs from Marin’s Social Democratic Party.

Finnish opposition leaders have also started besieging Sanna Marin over the video. Even drug tests are being demanded from her. However, Sanna Marin has clarified in the matter of taking drugs, saying “I have neither used drugs, nor have taken anything except alcohol.” Along with this she said,

PM Sanna Marin’s private party video goes viral

“I have nothing to hide. I will remain the same. I have free time, which I spend with my friends. That’s what most people of my age do.”

MP Mikko Karna tweeted that the Prime Minister should conduct a drugs test and present the results to everyone. “People are entitled to expect this from their prime minister,” he said.

Responding to this, Sana said, “I have not used drugs and I have no problem in getting tested.”

PM Sanna Marin's private party video goes viral
PM Sanna Marin’s private party video goes viral

People defended on social media
Some social media users called her irresponsible. However, others have defended Marin’s right to party. Antti Lindemann, a senior Social Democrat MP, said she had “empathy and support”.

Others on social media defended her on the video, saying that she is also a citizen and there is nothing wrong in dancing at a party with her friends while staying in her privacy.

Check out the video:

PM Sanna Marin’s private party video goes viral

Who is the Prime Minister of Finland Sanna Marin
Sanna Marin is said to be the youngest prime minister in the world. She was praised for her efficient management during the Corona pandemic. Finland performed better than most EU member states. Recently, the German news outlet Bild named Sanna Marin the coolest prime minister in the world.

PM Sanna Marin’s private party video goes viral

However, she has also been embroiled in controversies many times. Last year, she also apologized for going to the club because during that time she had come in contact with a Covid infected person.

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