FBI raids on Donald Trump’s luxury bungalow in Florida

The US agency FBI has raided the house of former US President Donald Trump. On Monday, the FBI launched a search on Trump’s luxury home Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. Donald Trump says the FBI raided the resort and broke the safe. In his statement, he also said that this is a dark time for our country because the Democrats do not want me to prepare for the presidential election in 2024, so this is happening.

In fact, according to media reports, Donald Trump is alleged to have brought many official documents with him while leaving the White House, most of which were official documents. According to media reports, many FBI agents have surrounded Trump’s house and his house is being searched. When the media asked the FBI spokesperson questions about this, he refused to say anything.

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Hitting back at the agency, Trump said in his statement that this had never happened to the President of America before. Such action is being taken despite cooperation with the investigating agencies. It is like misusing the judiciary as a weapon. This is an attack from the staunch Left Democrats. They don’t want me to contest 2024 elections.

According to a report in the New York Times, this raid has been done without any notice. Trump himself was not there when FBI agents raided Mar-a-Ligo. Trump is alleged to have taken some documents with him when he left the White House last year. However, so far this allegation has not been confirmed by the FBI.

Let us tell you that Donald Trump has said on several occasions that he wants to contest the presidential election once again. Not only this, there is no other leader of his stature to challenge him in his Republican Party. Trump is also accused of tearing and flushing official documents while in office.

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