Father of four, BJP MP Ravi Kishan to introduce ‘Population Control Bill’ in Lok Sabha today, called it ‘Development Bill’

BJP MP Ravi Kishan, father of four, will present the Private Members’ Bill on population control in the Lok Sabha today during the proceedings of the House that began on Friday. In this regard, BJP MP has appealed for the support of the opposition. The BJP MP from Gorakhpur said that India can become Vishwa Guru only when the Population Control Bill is brought.

The Bill states that anyone with more than two children will no longer be eligible for state government benefits or even employment. This has sparked a debate on the internet because interestingly, the man himself is a father to four children.

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He said, β€œWe can be Vishwa Guru only when Population Control Bill is brought. It is very important to bring population under control. With the way in which it is rising, we are heading towards explosion. I request the Opposition to let me introduce Bill and listen to why I want to do. Discuss!”

‘Development Bill’
Ravi Kishan called this bill a ‘development bill’. He added, β€œThis is a Bill for development. The day it is passed, the nation will fly towards being a Vishwa Guru. I am viewing this Bill only with an aspect of development and not that of caste or religion.”

As the news broke, actor-turned politician came under intense trolling as he himself has four children.

NCP leader and Maharashtra Minister Jitendra Awhad took to Twitter and said that Ravi Kishan himself has four children even as he will introduce the Population Control Bill.

What is Private Member’s Bill

A bill introduced by a Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha member other than a minister is known as a private member’s bill and has little chance of becoming a law without the support of the government. As per the PRS legislation, no private member’s bill has been passed by the Parliament since 1970.

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