Farmers Protest: Sikh priest Sant Ram Singh killed himself by shooting at Singhu border, leaves a suicide note

On the 21st day of the ongoing farmers’ protest in the country’s capital, religious guru Sant Ram Singh, who was protesting on the Singhu border, committed suicide by shooting himself.

Sant Ram Singh has also left a suicide note written in Punjabi. Sant Ram Singh was also involved in the farmers’ movement on the Singhu border of Delhi. So far in the Kisan agitation that started on November 26, more than 20 farmers have died due to various reasons.

Sant Singh Singh, sixty-five years old, hailed from Nanaksar Singra, Punjab. He wrote his suicide note in the Punjabi language, “I saw my farmer brothers who have come out on the streets for their rights. Sadly, the government is not giving justice, which is oppression and it is a sin to persecute, so suffer is also a sin.”

He further wrote, “Many people have sacrificed a lot for the rights of the farmers in this fight. Many people returned their honors and awards, so I am committing suicide for the rights of the farmers and against the government.”

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Finishing his suicide note, Baba Ram Singh wrote, “Waheguru Ji’s Khalsa, Waheguru Ji’s Fateh”

On the demise of Baba Ram Singh, the head of DSGMC Manjinder Singh Sirsa said, “My heart is very sad to tell you that Sant Ram Singh Ji Singade committed suicide in view of the agony of the farmers. This movement raised the soul of the entire country.” I have shaken. Ardas to my Waheguru that his soul may get peace and the farmers have their right! Pray to all of you to keep abstinence.

“He added even more: ” Sant Ram Singh Ji Singade committed suicide in view of the agony of the farmers. This movement has shaken the soul of the entire country. Ardas to my Waheguru to rest his soul. “

Even though the batch of farmers traveled towards Delhi on 26 November, this movement of farmers has been going on since September in different parts of Punjab and Haryana. So far, more than 20 farmers have lost their lives in this whole movement. There have been different reasons for the death of the farmers, but the farmers say that the central government is responsible for these deaths, because the farmers are forced to agitate against the ‘black laws’ of the government, amidst the fierce cold and the outbreak of corona. .

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