Farmers Protest: ‘Attempt to Murder’ case registered against the young man who saved farmers by turning off water cannon

In the midst of Corona epidemic and cold, even though the farmers have reached Delhi to raise their voice, the government is leaving no stone unturned to break their spirits.

First barricading was carried out followed by a water cannon with tear gas shells. Even after that, when farmers didn’t move back, then all the fake cases are being loaded on them.

An example of this excesses being carried out by the police and the government – Navdeep, a young farmer who risked his life to turn off the tap of the water canon, has not only been booked for attempted of murder but has been described as a rioter. Along with this, charge has also been imposed for violating the rules of Covid-19.

In fact, on November 26, the day of Constitution Day, the farmers coming from Haryana to Punjab were stopped at the Punjab-Haryana border and the farmers coming from Haryana along the Delhi-Haryana border, the police and paramilitary forces surrounded them and stopped them from moving forward.

The level of police suppression growing at the behest of governments was that the water canon was being run on the farmers protesteven in this cold. To prevent the farmers from this, the young Navdeep jumped on the edge of the farmers and climbed the water canon and closed its tap then he jumped and came back on the tractor.

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While on one hand he is being praised for his bravery work, on the other hand, the police is trying to ruin the life of this young man, because the serious clauses that have been imposed can also lead to life imprisonment.

Reacting to the matter, Navdeep says, “I study and work as a farmer with my father.” Till date I have not been involved in any illegal work. The need to climb the water canon here was because our farmers who were protesting were being soaked and injured.

Along with this, while giving his opinion on agricultural laws, Navdeep says that after the formation of anti-farmer laws, we should have the right to oppose them, which we are using.

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