Farmers’ group invites Hema Malini to Punjab to explain farm laws, offers to bear all expenses

The Kandi Kisan Sangharsh Samiti (KKSC) on Sunday invited Bharatiya Janata Party leader Hema Malini to come to Punjab to explain the benefits of the three agricultural laws. Along with this, the farmers’ organization has also offered to bear the entire cost of staying and visiting Mathura’s five-star hotel.

Actor-turned-politician Hema Malini recently said that the protesting farmers do not know what they want, as they have no agenda and they are being used by opposition parties to serve their interests. After this statement of Hema Malini, farmers have written to her and appealed to come to Punjab and explain the three agricultural laws.

Punjab gave you(Hema Malini) respect like sister-in-law

In the letter, KKSC President Bhupinder Singh Ghumman, Patron Avatar Singh Bhikhowal and Vice-Chairman Jarnail Singh Garhdiwal said that she has got the honor as sister-in-law in Punjab. Sister-in-law is equal to mother and during the election campaign she herself said that she is the daughter-in-law of Punjab. Hema Malini is the wife of famous actor Dharmendra, who belongs to Punjab. His son Sunny Deol is also an MP from Gurdaspur.

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According to the news of the Indian Express, the farmers further wrote in the letter, “Farmers have been demonstrating on the Delhi border for the last 51 days demanding the right price for their crop and about 100 farmers have lost their lives. At such a time, your statement has hurt every Punjabi. The farmer works hard and grows crops. He cannot sell his crop at any cost just like that. “

They further wrote in the letter, “You are saying that we (farmers) do not know what we need, please come to Punjab and explain to us what we should do so that the farmers sitting on the borders of Delhi do not sacrifice their lives.” ” The farmers say that we have decided that we will arrange your stay in the Five Star Hotel and the farmers and laborers will bear the entire cost of it.

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