Farmers at Singhu Border nab masked man ‘assigned’ by govt. agencies to shoot 4 farm leaders, disrupt Jan 26 tractor rally

The farmers sitting on the Delhi-Haryana Singhu border have sensationalized the demand to repeal the new Agricultural Law. A suspicious shooter has been caught by farmers on Singhu Border on Friday night. Talking to the media, the alleged shooter has made serious allegations against the Delhi Police. He says that on January 26, he was ordered to shoot four farmers leaders sitting on the stage when something went wrong.

The captured shooter has claimed that he was going to plot to spoil the atmosphere by firing at the Kisan tractor rally on 26 January. The suspect who is caught by the farmers told that between 23 to 26 January, the farmers leaders were to be shot and the work of women was to provoke the people. The shooter confessed that he has also acted to spoil the atmosphere in the Jat movement.

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Four farmers leaders were target

The suspect revealed that two teams have been set up to find out whether the protesting farmers are carrying weapons or not. On behalf of the shooter, it was told that on the 26th, when four farmer leaders were sitting on the stage, orders were given to shoot them. For this the shooter was given a picture of four people. The shooter told that he is on the Singhu border since 19 January. He told that when the farmers would take out a tractor rally on January 26, he would meet with the farmers. If the protesters went out with the parade, we were told to fire at them.

Accused Yogesh hails from Sonipat
The shooter caught on the Singhu border has been taken to the Crime Branch office. During interrogation, it is revealed that the name of the accused is Yogesh and he is a resident of New Jeevan Nagar of Sonipat. According to the police, the accused is the 9th felon and has no criminal record yet.

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