Farmers asked Aaj Tak reporter to leave the protest site saying it’s sold out channel, shows fake news

Protest of farmers against agricultural laws is going on against the central government.

farmers are firm on their demand at the Sindhu border of Haryana. Now along with the Modi government, the dock media has also come on the target of farmers.

Aaj Tak’s reporter and cameraman who reached to coverage of the farmers’ movement have been surrounded by the farmers and expressed their anger.

A video of this is going viral on social media. It can be seen that the agitating farmers are opposing the Aaj Tak channel. In this, farmers are shouting slogans against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the dock media.

In this video, the protesters are saying that the dock media should be ashamed for showing false and fake news. The reporter and the cameraman had to leave after witnessing the growing protest.

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Sharing this video, journalist Hridayesh Joshi has targeted the dock media. He wrote- “Lies are often spread from the studio (from which anchors earn the name) and TV reporters and camerapersons are left in the crowd to die, many of them are highly capable. Still, they do not count anywhere. There will be murder of soldiers in the war. The headlines will be Zill-e-Ilahi.”

Significantly, since the Modi government amended the agricultural laws, farmers had started opposing it.

But no channel of dock media tried to make our voices reach the government while farmers were protesting peacefully.

During that time most of the news channels were engaged in capitalizing on the issue of Sushant and collecting TRPs. Now when the protests of the farmers have become fierce, the dock media is coming forward in an attempt to tarnish the image of the farmers.

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