Farmer runs tractor on 11 acres of potato crop, Know reason

The agitation of farmers against agricultural laws on Delhi border has been going on for almost a month. On the other hand, this movement of farmers in Punjab is getting huge support. People are giving their support to the farmers movement in their own way. At the same time, in the midst of the movement, many farmers are worried about not getting the proper price for the crop.

After cabbage, farmers in Punjab have started destroying the potato crop. One such picture has come out from Kapurthala district of Punjab. Young farmer Jaskirat Singh, resident of Gosal, village of Kapurthala, is upset with not getting fair price for potato crop. Annoyed young farmer Jaskirat Singh plowed his plow on 11 acres of potato crop.

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He informed that potato production is more in Doaba region of Punjab. Despite this, the crop does not get a fair price. The cost of the crop is even not recovered. In view of this, the young farmer Jaskirat Singh plowed the potato crop by tractor. Worth to mention that earlier in many places in Punjab, farmers had also destroyed the cabbage crop because of not getting proper price.

According to the farmers, about 60 thousand rupees per acre is spent on potato crop. But the way the prices of potatoes have fallen inverted, they are losing Rs 25,000 per acre. If they add the transport expenses by adding transport expenses, then the loss will increase further.

That is why he thought it better to destroy the potatoes in the field. Farmers Tarsem Singh and Sukhdev Singh said that farmers are getting out of the crop cycle. The farmers started cultivating vegetables but are upset about not getting the proper price.

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