Farmer Protest: Farmer ran tractor over his two acres of wheat in protest against farm laws

On one hand, there is a farmer protest in New Delhi to protest against the Agriculture Bill. At the same time, there are reports of opposition to these laws in different ways from different parts of the country. Somewhere farmers are committing suicide due to debt and laws, at some places they are wasting their crops.

One such case came to the fore on Sunday from village Bhainsi of Khatauli Kotwali area, Thana in Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh. A farmer there, in protest against three controversial laws brought by the center, ruined his 2 acres of wheat crop by trampling it with a tractor. Another farmer from Rajpura Bhain village has also driven a tractor on his two acres of crops. The rest of the farmers will also run tractors on their crops.

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During this time, some people were making videos of it, which have appeared on TV channels and social media platforms. In the clip, a farmer was seen destroying the crop riding on his tractor.

farmer protest

On the other hand, the farmers, who are adamant on the agitation in the national capital against the centre’s agricultural laws, have announced some programs from 23 February to 27 February to intensify their protest.

Under no circumstances will the movement be weakened

Farmer leader Rakesh Tikait said that the government thinks that with the arrival of harvesting time, the farmers will return from the Delhi border and the movement will weaken. Under no circumstances will the movement be allowed to weaken. When the government does not accept the demands, the movement will continue. A large number of women from the village were also present on the occasion. Those who raised slogans against the government demanded the return of the three agricultural laws and the procurement of crops at the support price.

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