Fake Indian guru Nithyananda scammed 30 American cities

Nithyananda and his self-proclaimed nation Kailasa have once again made headlines. According to reports, Nithyananda has allegedly defrauded people in 30 American cities in the name of his purported country. The most recent case was reported in Newark, New Jersey, where officials have acknowledged that they were victims of a scam. They had entered into an agreement called Sister City with the fictitious Hindu nation.

According to US media reports, a few days ago the mayor of Newark city had invited representatives of Kailasa to Newark City Hall for this cultural trade agreement. Later he came to know that Kailasa is not the real country.

Fugitive Nithyananda

A video recording of the event has emerged, showing city officials and Kailasa representatives signing the Sister City documents. According to reports, the agreement aimed to enhance connectivity, support, and mutual respect between Newark and Kailasa through a partnership with diverse cultures. However, it has been alleged that the Newark City Council cancelled the agreement only days after its signing.

Newark is not the sole victim of such a scam. Kailasa’s website claims that it has established partnerships with 30 cities across the United States, and reports suggest that the majority of their mayors have consented to signing similar agreements.

The cities have claimed that the agreement was not signed as an endorsement but as a request. Kailasa had requested the cities to sign the agreement.

In 2019, Nithyananda fled India following allegations of rape filed against him in Gujarat. Reports suggest that he purchased land in Ecuador and declared it to be a separate nation called ‘Kailaasa’ or ‘United States of Kailasa’ (USK). Nithyananda claims that Kailaasa is a ‘Hindu nation’ and offers sanctuary to oppressed Hindus across the globe. Kailasa’s website asserts that all Hindus residing in the nation are free to live without discrimination based on their caste or gender.

According to the information available on the website, English, Sanskrit and Tamil languages are spoken in Kailasa. The national animal of this alleged country is ‘Nandi’. The national flag is ‘Rishabh flag’. Nithyananda’s picture is also on the flag. The national flower of the country is ‘Lotus’ and the national tree is ‘Banyan’. Not only this, Kailasa has also been claimed to have its own constitution.