Fact-finding report points Delhi violence finger at Amit Shah

The CPM has issued a Fact Finding Report on communal violence in February in protest against the CAA-NRC laws in Delhi. In this, Home Minister Amit Shah has been directly blamed for inciting violence and favoring the investigation. The report said that the home ministry under Amit Shah was responsible for the violence in many ways. The CPM has released its report titled ‘Communal Violence in North-East Delhi, February 2020’.

The report said that it is wrong to call communal violence in Delhi as Delhi riots. Riots are those where both parties are equal partners. However, the aggression here was from the Hindu side of the mob, while the other side tried to protect themselves from such attacks. There is video evidence in almost all areas where the police can be seen favoring the Hindutva mob.

Explain that a total of 53 people died in the Delhi violence. These included 40 Muslims and 13 Hindus. The Left Party report further stated- “On 11 March 2020 Amit Shah told Parliament that he was in touch with the principal police officers of Delhi and was monitoring the situation. The question is, when the violence erupted on 24 February, why was the curfew not imposed? After all, why was the army not deployed? Even the number of Delhi Police and Rapid Action Force (RAF) personnel was extremely low and the deployment was done very late. ” It has been claimed that between 13 February and 27 February, only 1393 to 4756 personnel were deployed in a district with a population of 26 lakh.

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It is further stated in the same report that before any investigation in the incident took place, the Home Minister gave the details of this in the Lok Sabha on 11 March. The investigation that followed was only to legitimize his view. Shah also ignored the speeches by the BJP leaders, which talked about shooting down traitors. The Left has alleged that Shah blamed the opposition only for hate speeches and said that on December 14, 2019, the Congress had asked the people of the minority community to take to the streets to fight or die. . In this way, Shah not only held the opposition responsible for the violence, but he also wrapped the minority community in it.

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