Facebook, WhatsApp & Instagram Down for Users Worldwide

Social media sites Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram service are reported to be down globally, due to which users are facing a lot of problems. However, only some users are facing this problem.

A message on the Facebook website said, “Sorry, something went wrong. We are working on it and we will get it fixed as soon as possible.”

Users posted messages on Twitter saying that the popular social networking (Facebook) and communication platform (Whats App) were not working around 9 pm IST.

Downdetector.com, a website that tracks web services, also said that users are complaining in large numbers. According to the portal, more than 20,000 complaints related to Facebook and Instagram have been reported.

Meanwhile, social-media giant instant messaging platform WhatsApp was also down for over 14,000 users, while Messenger was down for around 3,000 users. The three Facebook-owned companies are market leaders in India in their categories of instant messaging, photo sharing and social networking.

Facebook has over 410 million users in India and its WhatsApp Messenger considers the country as its largest market with over 530 million users. Instagram has more than 210 million users in India.

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