Facebook did not take action on Hate speech against Bajrang Dal for its business and employees – The Wall Street Journal Report

The social media platform Facebook has again been accused of promoting and promoting hate speech for its business. According to a report by America’s famous newspaper ‘The Wall Street Journal’, Facebook did not act on the fundamentalist organization Bajrang Dal under the rules of Hate Speech. According to a Wall Street Journal report, Facebook feared that it might affect its operations in India.

According to the report published in the Wall Street Journal on Sunday, Facebook allowed Bajrang Dal (Bajrang Dal), which supports violence against minorities in India, to remain on the social network for its political and security reasons, while Facebook’s safety team tagged the Bajrang Dal as a potentially dangerous organization.

The report cited a video of Bajrang Dal and Facebook’s action on it. The report also tells about this video that in June the Bajrang Dal claimed responsibility for an attack on a church outside New Delhi. This video got 2.5 lakh views.

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So no action taken
According to a Wall Street Journal report, Facebook was afraid of taking any action against the Bajrang Dal due to its relationship with the ruling BJP. Facebook was worried that it might spoil its business in India. Taking action on the Bajrang Dal can threaten both the company’s business prospects and its employees in India.

An internal Facebook report said, “Banning the ruling Hindu nationalist politicians of India, Bajrang Dal, poses a threat to physical attacks on Facebook personnel or attacks on the company’s facilities.” This report also said that the presence of Bajrang Dal among other organizations on this platform casts doubt on the company’s commitment to deal with hate speech in India.

Facebook had clarified in the past

Already on Facebook, there have been allegations of violation of rules for its own benefit. Recently, Facebook spokesperson clarified all the allegations. Facebook had said, ‘We prohibit such speech and content which provokes violence. To ensure fairness and accuracy, we regularly audit our process.

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