Expose: Swedish Truck and Bus Maker Scania ‘bribed’ Indian officials for bus contracts, Report mentions a minister

Sweden’s renowned bus-truck manufacturer Scania had heavily bribed officials between 2013 and 2016 to win contracts in seven states in India. Three media institutions, including the Swedish news channel SVT, made this claim after an intelligence investigation. Scania, a truck and bus manufacturing unit of Volkswagen Aegis, started operations in India in 2007 and a manufacturing unit was established in 2011.

Swedish news channel SVT has made this claim based on investigations conducted with two more media outlets. According to reports by SVT, German broadcaster ZDF and India’s Confluence Media, an Indian minister was also bribed, whose name has not been disclosed. According to Reuters, the Indian government representative refused to answer outside the business hours.


On behalf of the Union minister’s office, it was stated in the media reports that in November 2016, Scania Company’s luxury bus came to India with close links with Nitin Gadkari’s sons. The allegations are malicious, fabricated and baseless. The minister and his family members have nothing to do with the purchase or sale of the bus.

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The report claimed that Scania manipulated the model number of the trucks by changing the chassis number and license plate. These trucks were sold to Indian mining companies and earned a hefty profit of $ 11.8 million.

Gadkari’s office said – allegations baseless

Following the controversy, a statement was issued on behalf of Union Road and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari’s office. It said that in a media report, the company close to the son of the Union Minister has been given luxury gifts by Scania Company in November 2016, which is malicious. The allegation is baseless and the imagination of the media.

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