Ex-Japan PM Shinzo Abe dies after being shot during speech, two bullets were fired by the killer

Former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe has been assassinated. He was shot two times this morning. His condition remained critical since the attack. After being shot, he also had a heart attack, along with this he had lost a lot of blood.

Every effort was being made to save 67-year-old Shinzo Abe, but the doctors did not succeed in this. Let us tell you that the killer who shot Shinge Abe has been caught. He was apprehended from the spot immediately after the attack.

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The statement of the suspected killer has also come to the fore. According to Japanese police, the attacker said that he wanted to kill Shinzo Abe because he was not satisfied with Shinzo on several issues. The age of the suspected killer is close to 41 years. His name is Yamagami Tetsuya. The attacker was a member of the Self Defense Force. The gun with which the attack took place was recovered from the spot. That’s a shotgun.

Yamagami Tetsuya is a resident of Nara City. According to reports, the suspect has lived in the Maritime Self Defense Force. He worked there for about three years till 2005. According to the police, during interrogation Yamagami Tetsuya has told that he was angry about some things of the former PM and wanted to kill him.

The attacker may have planned this attack in advance. Because Shinzo Abe’s slogan was set to come to town today. On Thursday itself, this information was given to his supporters by the Liberal Democratic Party.

This incident happened in Japan when the former PM was campaigning in the Japanese city of Nara. The Upper House elections are to be held here on Sunday.

During Shinzo Abe’s speech, the attacker fired two shots. The first bullet went through Abe’s chest. The other hit his neck. After this he fell there and there was a stampede around. Meanwhile, Shinzo also suffered a heart attack. After this, an attempt was made to save his life by giving CPR on the spot. He was later airlifted to the hospital. But they could not be saved.

After the attack on Shinzo Abe, there is an atmosphere of sorrow all over Japan. PM Fumio Kishida also got emotional while talking about this. After the attack, Japan’s PM Fumio Kishida gave an address to the country. In this, he said while getting emotional that there is no improvement in Shinzo’s condition since morning. The Prime Minister of Japan called it barbaric and an attack on democracy.

Shinzo Abe resigned from the post of Prime Minister in the year 2020. He did this due to poor health. It was learned that he was ill for a long time. Shinzo was the longest serving Prime Minister of Japan.

Shinzo Abe had a special connection with India. India-Japan relations were further strengthened under his PM. Both Narendra Modi and Manmohan Singh considered Shinzo Abe as their friend. Last year, India also honored Shinzo Abe with Padma Vibhushan.

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